Our School
Mission & Vision

Learn Korean language at Sejong Korean Language School (Singapore). MOE registered Korean Language Centre located within 1 minute's walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Our Korean classes are conducted by experienced & certified Korean teachers to ensure indisputable learning experience.

Established by Native Korean Teacher who has lived in Singapore for many years

  • Systematic, structured and engaging teaching methods, said by many students to  be perfectly suited for Singaporean learners
  • Able to connect you with Korean culture by referencing local examples and languages
  • Teachers speak excellent English, one of the largely forgotten but an extremely important factor when looking for good Korean language teachers, especially at the Beginners level

Custom-made Specialist Syllabus

  • Rigorous Korean Language Syllabus that is closely aligned to TOPIK exam
  • Covers more than the typical 'Korean for foreigners' textbooks
  • Extremely well-structured Korean presentation of information for your quick comprehension

Trademark Teaching Style and Quality Korean Language Teachers

  • Trains all specially selected teachers from scratch - We do not simply hand teachers a Korean textbook and tell them what to cover in each lesson
  • All of our teachers are registered with the MOE and have "permission to teach" letters from the MOE. We do not hire "ad hoc" Korean language teachers without proper certification and employment contracts.


Sejong's classrooms are named after famous Korean Kings, Queens, Generals, and Artisans. As part of their cultural education, Sejong students are encouraged to never neglect historic and cultural aspects of learning a language. Pictures and commentaries on these notable figures are pinned on Sejong's Student Notice Boards, as well as outside classroom waiting areas. Teachers also share about Korea's rich and colourful history with students in class, for a full appreciation of traditional Korean culture. 


Sejong classroom's interior designs all reflect a chic, modern and minimalist environment. We believe that a conducive learning space, though often overlooked, is one of the key aspects to robust learning. All of the classrooms are outfitted with glass whiteboards and are zen-themed. 


Absolute Quality Delivery in Teaching and Service.


Bridging the Gap between YOU and Hangul.