Course Progression

About our Courses: A Wholistic Korean Language & Culture Education

Sejong Korean Language School's course syllabus is what sets us apart from all other Korean Language Providers. Systematic, engaging and rigourous, our syllabus designed to cover both the academic and conversational aspects of Korean Language. Our aim is to provide a formal language learning environment for those who are committed to learning the language, while at the same time not lose sight of the main aim of many language learners, that is, to speak the language in a fluent, native manner. 

Reading and Writing: Comprehensive coverage of the reading and writing aspects prepares our students for the TOPIK exam. Students learn grammar structures and complete written practices in class, as well as bring home some practice sheets to focus on in between classes. 

Conversation: Sejong Korean Language School structures all our Korean Language Courses to emphasize conversation. Our aim is to hear all our students speaking fluently in Korean by the end of their education with us. Students complete listening exercises in class, and practice with conversation drills every single lesson. 

Exams & Certifications

Sejong Korean Language School awards students who have completed courses with at least a 75% attendance rate (both Term 1 and 2 of the said course) with a Certificate of Completion. Because Sejong Korean Language School has established a strong reputation of producing competent learners of Korean Language, many of our students were able to use Sejong Korean Language School's certificates to apply for jobs and courses in Korea. Students have entered part-time and full-time tierary programmes, and have even gotten jobs in strict organisations (even embassies!) 

However, please note that certain formal institutions will require prospective employees or students to take the international test of Korean Language proficiency. This is the TOPIK exam, which is held twice a year in Singapore. For example, Seoul National University, Seoul's top college, requires a TOPIK Intermediate level 4 certification for enrollment into degree programmes. In such cases, Sejong students prepare for TOPIK exam at Sejong Korean Language School, and sign up for the bi-annual TOPIK paper (usually in April & October yearly) with their classmates. The staff at Sejong Korean Language School will be able to guide students on how to register for TOPIK, and recommend TOPIK Preparation Supplementary classes closer to the TOPIK exam date. TOPIK exam is an external exam that requires exam fees from students. These fees are payable directly to the TOPIK vendor, and not to Sejong Korean Language School. 

Course Structure