Helped my internship in Seoul

By Carrie Lee

A sincere tutor who always went out of his way to do extra for his students. As a student under him, I must say I was rather lucky to get a good tutor since some tutors would just teach the bare minimum, but this was not the case with his lessons. During lessons, he would be very thorough with his explanations, ensuring that everyone was following and understanding him. Also, he would adjust the speed of teaching according to the capabilities of the class; which was beneficial to us students because it was at a comfortable learning speed. I learned a lot from his lessons, and it definitely helped to prepare me for my own internship at Seoul.

Doubts about learning foreign language vanished!

By Fransiskus Nugraha

Having a doubt about some foreign language teachers is commonly happened to people. They are scared that the teacher won't be able to teach or explain in a proper English. I'm one of them. But from the very first time Seonghoon introduce himself in front of the class, all my doubts were vanished. He's undoubtedly a native-speaking language teacher with an excellent English. CLEAR, FUN, yet RESPONSIBLE are the keywords for his way in teaching Korean. Not to mentioned that he likes to share about Korean language even beyond the standard handbook.

Encouraging, engaging and motivational

By Ng Phaik Mun

Even though I've taken lessons at a Community Centre before,
the teachers there aren't as good as 곽성훈-선생님.
When I first entered the class, I was relieved to see that Seong Hoon wasn't an old man.

I entered at Basic 2, and continued to Intermediate 1 with Seong Hoon.
He explains everything clearly to us, and makes sure we understand before moving on.
He also makes sure he revises the basics with us, such as sentence structures, regularly so that we can remember.
Sometimes, he will type out notes and print it for us as well.
Normally, people tend to think that older teachers are better due to experience. But I beg to differ.
Take Seong Hoon as an example, he's much better than the elder teachers in my other korean classes.

Seong Hoon actively encourages his students to participate in class, and asks them questions.
If the students do not know how to answer, he will guide them along slowly.
After hearing about Seong Hoon, many of my friends are interested in joining his classes.

Being a Korean bred in Singapore, Seong Hoon is fluent in both English and Korean.
He's also working hard at studying Chinese.

Even though I've only been under Seong Hoon for 6 months, I can safely say that he's the best korean language teacher I've seen so far.
Unlike other teachers that're always serious, Seong Hoon comes into class with a smile, and is always fun and entertaining.
He's also very caring, understanding, patient, and definitely has a strong passion in teaching korean.
There's a long list of compliments that I have for Seong Hoon, and I can't think of how to put it in words.
Even if he is tired, or sick, he will still make an effort to come down to class to teach us with a smile.
After learning korean from him, I can now easily read and engage in basic korean conversation.

Not all good teachers are old!

By Ng Choon Chek

My 1st impression when I first attended his lesson was quite doubtful. Reason being my personal expectation
of a teacher would be old which denotes experiences in my case. However, he deliver his lecture with utmost
sincerity, professionalism and also the knowledge in what he is teaching. With his wonderful and fluent set of
both English and Korean language, it definitely helps in understanding Korean better since he is explaining it
in good English.

As we progress further into higher level, SeongHoon Sungsengnim uses more Korean language in delivering the lesson
which help us tremendously since we have to pay closer attention to what he is saying. Through this way,
it became something that is close to my primary language. I believe through his ways of teaching, learning
Korean language will never be that hard like how Korean letter look so foreign when I first started out.

Last but not least, I am admired by his thoughtfulness and his effort in helping us to understand what he is teaching.
I am actually gaining more from how much I pay per session. Well worthy and really enjoyable in his class.

Great motivator, mentor & advisor

By Limin Ye

I must say that all of us had a terrific experience in Mr Kwak’s class. He is always ready to provide his expertise and knowledge in any given situation. He is an excellent teacher and has inspired all of us to continue learning with an open and positive mind. He has good relationship and rapport with the students who have shown a liking and respect for him. He is a great motivator and we’ve always look upon him as a mentor and advisor. Mr Kwak displays commitment and dedication to his work and his relationships with the people around him. Would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his time, expertise and patience! We definitely enjoyed being taught by him!

New language made easy!

By Tan Lip Chew

Teacher seonghoon is not only a teacher who teaches korean well. He has increased my interest in the language greatly! Being in his class for the past six months, I have improved a lot in korean from a complete beginner in the language. His lessons are welled paced with interactions with us and explanations on grammar points are clearly explained with ample examples. A new language is made easy to learn in his class!

Well-experienced native Korean, understandable english & great teaching style!

By Jas

Being a native Korean, Mr Kwak is well-experienced in teaching Korean in Singapore. He speaks in fluent English and his lessons are clear and understandable.
I have received only 5 lessons from Mr Kwak and I can confidently say that I like his teaching style a lot and had grew more interest in Korean language. Due to the burden and stress from learning a language that I could not do well, I halted all Korean lessons a few years ago and did self-learning. Recommended by a close friend, I started attending lessons again and I would say it is Mr Kwak’s fun and loving personality that once again sparked my passion for Korean language. Learning Korean is not as stressful anymore and I enjoy every lesson in his class. The atmosphere in the class is always jovial and hearty and Mr Kwak is able to get the class back in order with a soft shush when we got loud.
Always making sure each and every one of us understand, Mr Kwak could explain the same thing over and over again using different examples to help us. As detailed as he could, he translates every single sentence together with us. He also exercises flexibility when he is teaching, allowing different teaching methods to take place, like interactions in Korean.
Mr Kwak is able to create an environment that is fun and stress-free for all students, as well as provide correct and accurate knowledge with quality teaching.

Respectable, Dedicated & Passionate Teacher

By Toh Min Min

Seong Hoon is a respectable and dedicated teacher. He is very patient and has a strong passion in teaching.
Knowing how to enhance learning by engaging students with his teaching style, he never fails to make our lessons
as interesting as possible. I have definitely learnt a lot from him and at the same time, enjoying myself in class.

Not only the language, but also Korean culture!

By Gracie Koh

Although I have been under Mr Kwak for just 6 months but these 6 months has indeed been a very fulfilling one. Academically, he goes at a steady pace but covers the topic thoroughly and ensures that the we understand each part clearly. He does not hesitate to refresh on topics to remind us on the fundamentals and to make sure that we understand what was previously taught. He encourages us to speak up in class and is very approachable when we ask questions. Apart from normal lessons, he will take time during lesson times to tell us more about Korea to increase our knowledge and heighten our interest on not only Korean language but Korea itself. Indeed Mr Kwak is not only very hardworking and responsible but also a very friendly and helpful teacher.

p.s. Don't worry your students will always appreciate you no matter what :)

Exceptionally talented teacher

By Jo Lim Qing Hui

Mr Seong Hoon has been a tremendous help with my Korean language.He is an exceptionally talented teacher who provided his students with ‘simple to understand’ yet challenging lesson. He really has some fantastic ideas that are relevant for every lesson. With only 2 to 3 lessons, my friend and I were able to read most of the Korean words.

Believe it or not? It’s for you to find out!

I am now able to converse in Korean!

By Jacqueline Houng

Seonghoon Seongsengnim,

It's been a pleasure attending 13 lessons of Basic Korean that I have enrolled! With the help of your patience and guidance, I am able to speak conversable Korean and I am more than keen to pursue the language as far as I can go. I hope that i will be able to speak Korean effectively one day, and hopefully practice it in Korea! Thank you^^

Native korean teacher speaks proper english

By Liow Hai Ting

Mr Kwak is a really nice teacher . With his proper spoken English , we are able to understand what is he teaching . He goes through the Korean materials thoroughly and repeats them if we don’t understand . He is kind and understanding , and often jokes around with us , making the lessons even more enjoyable . I really look forward to every lesson of his and I gain knowledge in every lesson . He doesn’t throw tempers at us and is willing to explain again , and he does revision too , which is helpful for us and we can remember the stuff he teaches better .

Fluency in English & Korean makes learning efficient & easy!

By Ewen Chong

When teaching at your previous school, many people wanted to join so they can get into your class. When I joined, my friend told me the consensus among him and his classmates was that you were the best teacher there. And they weren't even in your class, they just had make up lessons with you a couple of times.

As a Korean raised in Singapore, Seonghoon is highly fluent in both English and Korean, making learning with him both efficient and easy. He delivers his lessons in a clear manner and often revises previous lessons – great for those with packed schedules. To top it off, his fun and easy-going personality makes for a great classroom atmosphere.

Always there for us!

By Lim Jia Yi

Mr Seong Hoon is a very passionate and patient teacher. He is always there to help us when we have difficulty in understanding and he slows down his teaching pace to make sure that we understand what is taught fully (: He is also willing to stay back after class to help us. 곽성훈 선생님 감사합니다:D

Vast knowledge of Korean language

By Pauline Tan Poh Lin

Seonghoon is a friendly and caring teacher. He shares his vast knowledge of Korean language to all his fellow students. Also the way he teaches vocab and grammar is very fun, interesting and interactive. Hence, we enjoy the class a lot!

Systematic & Comprehensive!

By Bernard Toh

SeongHoon 곽성훈 is a great teacher. He always comes with a smile for his lessons. He brings laughter and joys to his classes. His way of teaching korean is systematic and comprehensive, making sure that his students understand before he continues to the next part of the lesson. He explains the lesson thoroughly and clearly, ensuring that every student is not left out and occasionally shares his thoughts and ideas about Korean culture with us. I always look forward to his lessons. He makes learning Korean very engaging and interesting. Thanks for making me more interested in learning Korean and hope you will teach us more stuffs in the future.