Senior Teachers
Junior Teachers

Principal Ryan Kwak Seong Hoon (곽성훈)

Ryan migrated from Seoul to Singapore at the age of six. He attended Singapore Korean International School and Overseas Family School Singapore before transferring to the local school system. He studied Fine Arts at NTU, and has been teaching Korean to Singaporeans since 2008.

Ryan’s classes are immensely popular due to his very structured and systematic style of teaching, which students say caters exactly for highly effective learning. Having spent a substantial amount of his childhood in Singapore, he also has an exceptional ability to relate Korean Language to languages and cultural aspects that Singaporeans are familiar with (e.g. referencing local cultural aspects and how similar/different they are to Korean culture, and drawing parallels between Korean and Chinese vocabulary). Ryan teaches mostly Intermediate and Pre-Advance level classes. However, whenever one of his Beginners class opens up, his class typically has a waiting list for entry.

Sejong Korean Language School is extremely proud of being one of the only Korean Language Schools in Singapore that actively scouts and recruits suitable native Korean candidates from South Korea and around the world to become teachers in SKLS. SKLS works with and holds recruitment drives with the top 20 Korean Universities in South Korea to recruit the best of their graduates to be trained in Singapore under our in-house training programme. As of 2016, the historical success rate from application to hire is at less than 3%, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are brought in to be your Korean language teachers. As the Head of the Academic Faculty at Sejong, Ryan heads the training programme. Along side the senior members of the faculty, he individually trains and mentors all new incoming teachers on how to effectively elucidate the subtleties and difficult rules of Korean Language to our students. All junior teachers must possess an impeccable academic record and degree from a reputable University, exhibit adequate proficiency in English, showcase a genuine interest in teaching (which our recruiters will assess for within 4 rounds of interviews), display an excellent work attitude and willingness to adapting to life in Singapore.

Ms. Jinny Um Jieun (엄지은)

Jinny completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Education at Sangmyung University (Seoul, South Korea). She is fluent in English, Korean as well as Chinese. Jinny taught English for two years in Korea before coming to Singapore in 2012 to teach Korean to English speakers. She is thus very well-versed with the similarities and differences of both languages and familiar with how to effectively teach the language to non-native speakers. Her classes are known to be academically-focused, the seriousness of which Jinny offsets with her cheerful and bubbly nature. She often influences her classes with her positive nature and enthusiasm, and motivates her students as they journey towards Korean fluency. She is one of the school's most popular teachers and is admired for her close-relationship with all her students.

Mr. Kwak Kyung Hoon (곽경훈)

Kyung Hoon completed a Bachelor's degree in Communications at NUS. Having been brought up in Singapore, he is a native Korean who is extremely familiar with local Singaporean languages and culture. He also studied Japanese in University. Kyung Hoon impresses with his ability to reference even Hokkien and Malay in his classes, making it easy for his students to relate to and learn Korean. Kyung Hoon attended Singapore Korean International School, and had 8 years part-time teaching experience before converting to becoming a full time teacher in SKLS. He is regarded as an especially dedicated and fun teacher, and his students often have a very loyal streak of wanting to stick to his class no matter what. On top of that, Kyung Hoon's infectious enthusiasm and sense of comedy helps motivate the both staff and students of Sejong and creates a wonderfully positive learning environment for everyone.

Ms. Ashley Shin Hyesun (신혜선)

Ashley graduated from Kyungsung University (Seoul, South Korea) with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. As part of her degree, she completed one semester abroad, at Singapore's PSB Academy. It was during her stay in Singapore that Ashley first considered looking for a job here after graduation. Ashley out-shined hundreds of applicants and was scouted for our Graduate Korean Language Specialist Programme during Graduation season in Seoul. She was trained from scratch in-house on the art of Korean Language instruction, where she once again impressed with an extremely hardworking and determined attitude. Throughout her learning journey, Ashley discovered how much she enjoys teaching Korean language to non-native learners and is certain that she has developed an honest passion for teaching. She is a very optimistic and dedicated teacher and constantly tries to keep improving and learning through the sharing different perspectives.

Ms. Sung Yu Gyul (송유결)

Yu Gyul graduated from the renowned Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea) with a double major in Psychology and Chinese Language and Literature. She previously taught English at Elite Language Academy (Seoul) and Chinese at Jessy Language Academy (Seoul) before being recruited for SKLS's Korean Language Instructor Training Programme. Since most Korean words have origins in traditional Chinese characters, Yu Gyul believes that her fluency in Korean, English and Chinese gives her an edge in creating relatable lessons for Singaporean students, most of whom have a background in Chinese. Yu Gyul's goal is to broaden her knowledge in the field of language, and to incorporate knowledge from across languages and cultures into her teaching. She also thinks it is important to learn about local Singaporean culture from the students and use that new found knowledge to improve her communication skills with her students and add value and dimension to her lessons.

Ms. Lee Sanghee (이상희)

Sanghee completed her Bachelor's degree in Konkuk University (Seoul, South Korea) and her Master's degree in Fine Art at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom). On graduation, she worked as an English and Art teacher and program developer at several academies and art galleries in Seoul. There, she discovered her passion in teaching and was soon recruited under SKLS's Graduate Language Specialist Programme. Sanghee has since been trained in-house and from scratch on Korean Language instruction. She is extremely meticulous, hardworking and dedicated, and proves to be a true educator at heart. Her belief is that a good education can give a sense of humanity to students. Her goal is thus to become a thoughtful teacher with well developed teaching philosophies and techniques that reflect her own personality and style.

Ms. Kim Yeji (김예지)

Yeji completed a Bachelor's degree in Arts at the renowned Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul, South Korea) where she majored in Thai and English Linguistics. She speaks Korean, English and Thai. Having done her university student exchange at Silapokorn University in Thailand, Yeji fell in love with Southeast Asian culture and dreamt of working in the region. She applied under Sejong's Graduate Recruitment Programme in Seoul and was successful against over a hundred other applicants in her recruitment round. Her enthusiasm, genuine interest in teaching, and positive and hardworking attitude spoke greatly in her favour. Yeji is trained in-house under Sejong's Korean Language Teacher to Foreigners training programme. She is an exuberant and interesting teacher who gives her teaching delivery a strong foundation by continually studying very hard and learning new things about Korean Language to share with her students.

Ms. Kim Dauhn (김다운)

Dauhn is a graduate of Kongju National University (South Korea), majoring in Tourism English Interpretation. Dauhn worked part time as an English tutor in Korea during her University years. She is a person who loves speaking in front of people, and loves to learn, and hopes to be able to combine her interests in teaching. She was recruited shortly after graduation for Sejong's graduate language specialist programme and has been trained in-house and from scratch on Korean Language instruction. During the programme, she was hardworking, open-minded, and determined to master the skill sets and content required to make her a great Korean Language Teacher. Dauhn possesses an earnest attitude and an infectious cheerfulness. She is a very motivational and caring teacher, and students in her class would definitely be swept away with her positivity, spontaneity and enthusiasm.

Ms. Elly Kim Jihye (김지혜)

Elly completed a Bachelor's degree in Arts majoring in English at Sookmyung Women's University (Seoul, South Korea). She speaks Korean, English and Japanese. Elly has 2 years teaching experience teaching English in various academies in Korea. During her interview, Elly impressed with her passionate description of how teaching English to Koreans gave her an understanding of thinking about languages from foreigner's perspectives and the difficulties that foreign language learners have when trying to familiarise themselves with a new language and culture. She elaborated on how students should be approached based on their individual learning needs, and how she is determined to help them reach their specific learning goals. Elly is trained in-house in Korean Language Instruction in Sejong Korean Language School's training programme. She is known as a caring and committed teacher, who is able to effortlessly create a vibrant and fun atmosphere in all of her classes.

Mr. Lee Hyeongjae (이형재)

Hyeongjae completed his Bachelor's degree in English Language & Literature from the prestigious Yonsei University (Seoul), and has completed the competitive programme that grants government-recognised teaching licenses in South Korea. Throughout his University degree, Hyeongjae interned at the Seoul Youth Centre for Cultural Exchange where he assisted in the multi-cultural education programme. There, he developed his interest in multi-cultural education, and was eager to look for a job overseas where he could pursue that interest, utilise his language strengths, as well as fulfil his passion for teaching. Hyeongjae comes from a "teaching family", where both his parents are also teachers in Korea. He recognised his affinity for teaching at an early age, and has always considered it an extremely fulfilling career. Hyeongjae is trained in Korean Language Education from Sejong's in-house training programme. He approaches his training extremely seriously and has proven to be a diligent and dedicated teacher, who continues to pressure himself into improving in all aspects of teaching. His classes are precise yet entertaining, and students can definitely feel his genuine enjoyment of teaching when attending his class.

Ms. Kim Hyunji (김현지)

Hyunji completed a double major in English Literature and Aviation Business at Donga University (South Korea). While completing her degree, she taught English to High School Students at Eton English Academy in Korea. On graduation however, she seized an overseas opportunity to work in the hotel industry in the United States. During her work there got reminded of her love for teaching. Hyunji found herself enjoying sharing about Korean language and culture to international travellers as well as her foreigner colleagues that she encountered on a day to day basis. She was always excited to share new lessons about Korean language and she realised that teaching Korean might just be where her passion lies. Thus, instead of going back to teaching English, Hyunji decided to undertake the challenge of learning the art of Korean language instruction. She was recruited and trained in our in-house Korean language teacher training programme at Sejong Korean Language School. Today, she is known to be an exceptionally sweet and enthusiastic teacher who is well-loved by her students.